News from Vaad Hoeir

June 24, 2015 
OV Revised & Updated Fresh/Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Checking Policy

Previously, the OV’s policy was that pre-washed iceberg lettuce even when not bearing a kosher symbol, did not need checking before consumption.

1. Effective immediately and until further notice, the revised OV policy is that pre-washed iceberg lettuce when bearing a reliable kosher symbol does not require checking before eating.
2. However, pre-washed iceberg lettuce that does not bear a reliable kosher symbol must be checked by taking 1-2 handfuls and checking for infestation. If they are clean, then the remainder of the lettuce                may be eaten without checking.
3. Shredded cabbage and coleslaw mix do not need checking even when not bearing a kosher symbol as long as they are pre-washed.
4. Frozen chopped spinach must bear a reliable kosher symbol.
5. Fresh blackberries/raspberries are not recommended at this time.
6. Frozen blackberries/raspberries with no kosher sensitive additives may be used without checking.
7. All canned blackberries/raspberries require a reliable kosher symbol.