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Kiddush is sponsored this week by Stan & Rivka Jacobs in memory of Milford Katofsky.

Mazel tov to Dr. Rich & Maurie Axelbaum on the marriage of their son Ari to Julia Levine and on the recent birth of a grandson, born to Aaron & Channa Axelbaum.

Sarah Adelman Memorial Fund Lecture – Sunday, July 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. at Young Israel. Guest speaker is Professor Nechama Klapper, chair of the Psychology Department of Lander College for Women. Professor Klapper’s topic is “Making Marriage Work in Current Times”. Minimum donation $18.00 per family.

The Twerski Wellness Institute presents a four session mini-seminar on mental health wellness on Sunday, July 12 from 1-6 pm. Come to one session, or all. Taking place at Nusach Hari. Suggested donation $18. Presenter Tzvi Werther is under direct guidance and halachic supervision of Rabbi Michel Twerski of Milwaukee.

Women’s Sunday morning Tehillim group meets at the home of Jan Adelman, 8032 Amherst. If you cannot participate in person, please call (314) 863-5438. The number for the Tehillim hotline (names and updates) is (314) 441-6460.

Kashrus advisories from the Va’ad Hoeir: 
1. Simply Shari's Brown Rice/Flaxseed & Marinara and Brown Rice/Flaxseed Mac & Cheese bear an unauthorized OU. 
2. Some tostadas produced by Mission Foods bear the cRc with stickers stating “Made in Mexico”. Those are NOT certified by cRc and should not be considered Kosher.

The following yahrzeits will be observed this week: 

Issac Meyer......................Saturday, 7/4/2015.....Tammuz 17, 5775 
Sarah Goffstein...............Sunday, 7/5/2015........Tammuz 18, 5775 
Milford Katofsky...............Sunday, 7/5/2015........Tammuz 18, 5775 
Sarah Fishman...............Monday, 7/6/2015........Tammuz 19, 5775 
Ben Golder......................Tuesday, 7/7/2015.......Tammuz 20, 5775 
Esther Devorah Davis...Wednesday, 7/8/2015..Tammuz 21, 5775 
Ethel Rosenberg............Wednesday, 7/8/2015..Tammuz 21, 5775 
Sam Tofle........................Thursday, 7/9/2015.......Tammuz 22, 5775

▪ Wednesday night men’s Bais Medrash program following Maariv: Learning with Rabbi Yaakov Pentelnik on Chumash, Rabbi Dan Morris on Nesivos Shalom/The Ways of Inner Peace, Rabbi Yonoson Goldson on Prophets, and Rabbi Menachem Tendler, for teens.

▪ Tefila class given by Rabbi Yonoson Goldson on Tuesday evenings meets at the Rush home, 861 Greenshire.

▪ The laws of making Brochos given by Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald - weekly class on Sunday nights, to men and women at Todd and Sarah Rush’s home.

▪ Chumash class for men taught by Rabbi Herber Sunday evenings one hour before mincha;

▪ Rabbi Herber teaches a Gemorra shiur for men Thursday evenings one hour before mincha;

▪ Daf Yomi shiur daily at 6:00 am, before shacharis.

▪ The Laws of Shabbos class given by Rabbi Avraham Cohen on Shabbos afternoons on Shabbos afternoons.

▪ Pirkei Avos with Rabbi Tendler 40 minutes before mincha on Shabbos afternoons.

Shabbos morning groups for children up to age 8 starting at 10:15 a.m.

Parshas Balak 
Friday, July 3, 16 Tammuz 
Shacharis 7:00 am 
Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Ma’ariv 6:20 pm 
Candlelighting no earlier than 6:57 pm 
Preferred Candlelighting 6:58 pm 
Candlelighting no later than 8:11 pm 
Sunset 8:29 pm 
Repeat Kriyas Shema after 9:14 pm

Shabbos, July 4, 17 Tammuz 
Class 8:30 am 
Shacharis 8:50 am 
Krias Shema 
According to Magen Avraham by 8:32 am 
According to the G’ra by 9:23 am 
Pirkei Avos 7:20 pm 
Mincha followed by family Shalosh Seudos 8:00 pm 
Ma’ariv and Havdallah after 9:14 pm

Sunday, July 5, 18 Tammuz - Fast of Tammuz 
Fast Begins 4:30 am 
Shacharis 8:30 am 
Mincha/Ma’ariv 7:55 pm 
Fast Ends 9:11 pm

Mon-Thurs, July 6-10, 19-22 Tammuz 
Shacharis (Mon - Thurs) 7:00 am 
Mincha/Ma’ariv 8:10 pm
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