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Parshas Terumah 
Friday, February 12

Candlelighting 5:17 pm 
Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Ma’ariv 5:15 pm 
Sunset 5:35 pm 
Repeat Kriyas Shema after 6:20 pm

Join us for Dovid Simcha Howely’s Bar Mitzvah!

Brand new! For women, a three part refresher series on the Laws of Family Purity with Mrs. Raizy Golombeck – Sunday mornings,Feb. 14, 21, 28 at 10:00am at U.City Shul. Concurrent children’s programming for children of class participants. RSVP to the Shul office is necessary for classes as well as for children’s program. There is no charge. Sponsorship opportunities are available to take part in this special mitzvah.


Eishes Chayil of St. Louis Kollel presents Rosh Chodesh Women’s Learning Initiative – a monthly series of lectures taking place at 8:00pm on Sundayevenings close to rosh chodesh. Premiering on Feb. 14, Rosh Chodesh Adar I at the home of Jennie Silverman, 7931 Gannon. The speaker will be Mrs. Allie Goldenberg.

JSU will be honoring Yale & Gail Miller and Bill Solomon at Bar Mitzvah Gala Celebration on Feb. 26 at the Meadowbrook Country Club. For more information or to RSVP call 314-498-6279 or email RabbiMike@jsustl.org

Kashrus advisory from the Vaad Hoeir: Cream of Wheat® Cinnabon Instant To-Go Cups were inadvertently mislabeled with an OK kosher symbol – omitting the “D” (dairy) designation.

Women’s Tehillim Group: The group meets at 9:15 am at the home of Jan Adelman, 8032 Amherst Ave. If you cannot participate in person, please call (314) 863-5438.

Epstein Hebrew Academy’s 73rd Anniversary Banquet is upcoming onMarch 17 at the Frontenac Hilton. Honorees are Howard & Jackie Oppenheimer. To RSVP, visit eha.org/banquet or call the school office at 314-994-7856.


The following yahrzeits will be observed this week:

Sam Katofsky...........Saturday, 2/6/2016.......Shevat 27, 5776
Janet Amitin.............Sunday, 2/7/2016.........Shevat 28, 5776
Isador Freistater.......Sunday, 2/7/2016.........Shevat 28, 5776
John David Goldson..Tuesday, 2/9/2016........Shevat 30, 5776
Lillian Keller............Tuesday, 2/9/2016........Shevat 30, 5776
Leo I. Meyer...........Tuesday, 2/9/2016........Shevat 30, 5776
Bess Yudin............Tuesday, 2/9/2016........Shevat 30, 5776
Meyer Goldenberg..Wednesday, 2/10/2016....Adar-I 1, 5776
Meyer Zev Goldenberg.Wednesday, 2/10/2016.Adar-I 1, 5776
Gershon Chait.......Thursday, 2/11/2016.......Adar-I 2, 5776
Anne Morganstern..Friday, 2/12/2016..........Adar-I 3, 5776


▪ Wednesday night men’s Bais Medrash program following Maariv: Learning with Rabbi Yaakov Pentelnik on Chumash, Rabbi Dan Morris on Nesivos Shalom/The Ways of Inner Peace, Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Prophets, and Rabbi Menachem Tendler, for teens.

▪ Tefila class given by Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Tuesday evenings meets at the home of Genevieve Kramer, 7732 Gannon.

▪ The laws of making Brochos given by Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald - weekly class on Sunday nights, to men and women at Todd and Sarah Rush’s home.

▪ Chumash class for men taught by Rabbi Herber Sunday evenings one hour before mincha.

▪ Rabbi Herber teaches a Gemorra shiur for men Thursday evenings one hour before mincha.

▪ Mesillas Yesharim, The Path of the Just, with Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Shabbos afternoons. This week's class is at 4:15 pm .

Shabbos morning groups for children up to age 8 starting at 10:15 a.m.


Parshas Mishpatim
Friday, February 5, 26 Shevat
Shacharis 7:00 am
Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Ma’ariv 5:10 pm
Candlelighting no later than 5:09 pm
Sunset 5:27 pm
Repeat Kriyas Shema after 6:12 pm

Shabbos, February 6, 27 Shevat
Class 8:30 am
Shacharis 8:50 am
Krias Shema
According to Magen Avraham by 8:58 am
According to the G’ra by 9:39 am
Mesilas Yesharim class 4:15 pm
Mincha followed by family Shalosh

Seudos 5:00 pm
Ma’ariv and Havdallah after 6:13 pm

Sun-Thurs, February 7-11, 2-6 Adar I
Tuesday & Wednesday are Rosh Chodesh
Shacharis (Sunday) 8:30 am
Shacharis (Mon-Thurs) 7:00 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv 5:10 pm

Parshas Terumah
Friday, February 12, 3 Adar I
Shacharis 7:00 am
Candlelighting 5:17 pm
Mincha, Kabbalas Shabbos, Ma’ariv 5:15 pm
Sunset 5:35 pm
Repeat Kriyas Shema after 6:20 pm

Shabbos, February 13, 4 Adar I
Class 8:30 am
Shacharis 8:50 am
Say Shema Yisrael
According to Magen Avraham by 8:55 am
According to the Gra 9:35 am
Mincha followed by family Shalosh

Seudos 5:05 pm
Mesilas Yesharim class 4:20 pm
Ma’ariv and Havdallah 6:21 pm

Sun-Thurs, February 14-18, 5-9 Adar I
Shacharis (Sunday) 8:30 am
Shacharis (Mon-Thurs) 7:00 am
Mincha/Ma’ariv 5:20 pm

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