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Friday, Jan. 6, 2017 
Shacharis: 7:00 am 
Mincha: 4:35 pm 
Candlelighting: 4:37 pm 
Sunset: 4:56 pm


Mazel tov to Gavin Kornblum on his bar mitzvah this Shabbos! Welcome to all who have come to share this occasion. Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by Brent & Rachael Kornblum in honor of Gavin’s bar mitzvah.

Shalosh Seudos this Shabbos is sponsored by the Fishman and Missler families in honor of the 5th yartzeits of Dr. Herman Turner and Nadine Missler.

This Shabbos there will be a special shalosh seudos for kids.

There will be a Friday night oneg this week at the home of Avi & Shani Roberts, 7923 Amherst from 8:00 – 10:00 pm. Questions or to host for a week please call Avi at 216-372-2851.

We mourn the loss of member Marla Mondschein, whose burial will be in Israel.

Condolences to our member Jerry Esrig on the loss of his father, Mr. Harold Esrig.

Upcoming shabbatons at U.City Shul:▪ Jr. NCSY joins U.City Shul for a shabbaton on January 27-28.
▪ Torah Prep joins U.City Shul for a shabbaton with renowned Rebbe Hill on Feb. 3-5. Special Shabbos davening together with Torah Preppers, catered Shabbos luncheon, melave malka.
▪ Shabbaton with Rabbi Paysach Krohn - April 28-29

More details to come!


Women’s Sunday morning Tehillim group will meet at 9:15 amthis Sunday and next, Jan. 8 & 15, at the home of Pat Harris-Fogel, 948 Blackberry Place, (314) 704-6655. After that, the group will return to Jan Adelman’s.The Tehillim hotline (names and updates) is:(314) 441-6460.

Rosh Chodesh Women’s Learning Initiative sponsored by Eishes Chayil division of the St. Louis Kollel: This Motzei Shabbos, Jan. 7 at 7:30 pm, Mrs. Mimi David will speak on the topic “Prayers of the New Month, Seven Levels of Spiritual Growth”. At the home of Talia Schuss, 8130 Balson.

10th Annual St. Louis Jewish Community Blood Drive: at Young Israel on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 10:00 – 4:00 pm.

Tomchei Shabbos – Save the date! Tomchei Shabbs brunch will be on Sunday, February 12, 2017, 11:00-1:00. More information will come soon!


Bessie Siegel........Saturday, 1/7/2017......Tevet 9, 5777
Brina Weinbach....Saturday, 1/7/2017.......Tevet 9, 5777
Jeanne Zemliak....Saturday, 1/7/2017.......Tevet 9, 5777
Leia Ladin.............Sunday, 1/8/2017..........Tevet 10, 5777
Anna Dubinsky.....Monday, 1/9/2017..........Tevet 11, 5777
Celia Goodman....Monday, 1/9/2017..........Tevet 11, 5777
Esther Miller........Monday, 1/9/2017..........Tevet 11, 5777
Sarah Frager.......Wednesday, 1/11/2017...Tevet 13, 5777
Julian Hartstein..Wednesday, 1/11/2017...Tevet 13, 5777
Nadyne Missler...Wednesday, 1/11/2017....Tevet 13, 5777
Joseph Smith.....Wednesday, 1/11/2017.....Tevet 13, 5777
Dr. Herman Turner.Wednesday, 1/11/2017.Tevet 13, 5777
Leah Glazer........Friday, 1/13/2017.............Tevet 15, 5777

CLASSES AT U.CITY SHUL▪ Wednesday night men’s Bais Medrash program following Maariv: Learning with Rabbi Dan Morris on Nesivos Shalom/The Ways of Inner Peace and Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Prophets.
▪ Tefila class given by Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Tuesdayevenings meets at the home of Genevieve Kramer, 7732 Gannon.
▪ The laws of making Brochos given by Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald - weekly class on Sunday nights, to men and women at Todd and Sarah Rush’s home.
▪ Chumash class for men taught by Rabbi Herber Sundayevenings one hour before mincha.
▪ Rabbi Herber teaches a Gemorra shiur for men Thursday evenings one hour before mincha.
▪ Pirkei Avos class with Rabbi Tendler, 40 minutes before mincha.
▪ Path of the Just class with Rabbi Goldson, 3:00 pm in winter months. Shabbos morning groups for children up to age 8 starting at 10:15 a.m.


Parshas Vayigash
Friday, January 6, 8 Teves
Shacharis 7:00 am
Daily Mishnayos 4:30 pm
Mincha 4:35 pm
Candlelighting 4:37 pm
Sunset 4:56 pm
Repeat Kriyas Shema after 5:41 pm

Shabbos, January 7, 9 Teves
Class 8:30 am
Shacharis 8:50 am
Say Shema Yisrael
According to Magen Avraham by 9:01 am
According to the Gra 9:43 am
Learner’s Service 10:00 am
Mesilas Yesharim 3:00 pm
Pirkei Avos 3:50 pm
Mincha followed by family Shalosh Seudos 4:25 pm
Ma’ariv and Havdalah after 5:41 pm

Sunday, January 8, 10 Teves – Fast of Teves
Fast begins 6:07 am
Shacharis 8:30 am
Daily Mishnayos 4:25 pm
Mincha followed by Marriv 4:30 pm
Fast Ends 5:39 pm

Mon-Thur, January 9-12, 11-14 Teves
Shacharis (Mon-Thurs) 7:00 am
Daily Mishnayos 4:35 pm
Mincha/Ma’ariv 4:40 pm

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