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Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 
Shacharis: 7:00 am 
Mincha: 5:20 pm 
Candlelighting: 5:23 pm 
Sunset: 5:41 pm


U.City Shul welcomes all participants to the Esther Miller Bais Yaakov shabbaton taking place this weekend.

Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by Lisa Fishman in honor of Jack’s special birthday. Mazel tov!

Shalosh Seudos this Shabbos is co-sponsored by Stan & Rivka Jacobs in memory of Sam Katofsky (Shlomo ben Nachum) whose yahrzeit is upcoming on Thursday and co-sponsored by Michael & Alla Grafman in memory of Michael’s mother Emily Grafman whose yahrzeit is this Shabbos.

Sunday morning Learning Program this Sunday at 11:00 a.m.with Avi Roberts. The topic: Koheles.

U.City Shul has gotten beautiful new chairs to enhance the sanctuary. Many thanks to Richard & Nate Senturia, as well as to Gloria Fishman, for their sponsorship.

Watch found: Black Casio watch found in U.City Shul – contact Shul office to claim.


Esther Miller Bais Yaakov invites women to the Motzei Shabbos presentation by Bais Yaakov students from around the country this Saturday night, Feb. 18 at 8:30 pm at U.City Shul. Cost is $10/adult, $5/eighth grade and younger. Family max $20.

This week, the Women’s Sunday morning Tehillim group will meet at the home of Pat Harris Fogel, 948 Blackberry Place, (314) 704-6655. After that, the group will return to Jan Adelman’s. The Tehillim hotline (names and updates) is:(314) 441-6460.

Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier of The Shmuz will be speaking for men & women on Sunday, Feb.19 at 7:30 pm at MTI, 1809 Clarkson Rd in Chesterfield.

Dr. Jerry Lob will be in St. Louis on Tues, Feb 21, speaking for women at a noon Lunch & Learn at the St. Louis Kollel on the topic Proactive Parenting: The Delicate Art of Raising Balanced Pre-teens/Teens in Todays Society. $10 includes lecture and light lunch. RSVP to skowalsky@stlkollel.com. Dr Lob will be speaking for men & women at U.City Shul that evening, Tues Feb 21 on the topic “Strengthening Marriage: The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Children”. Sponored by the Community Initiative to Strengthen Families, St. Louis Kollel, and Torah Prep.

Jewish Unity Live, the St. Louis Kollel’s signature annual event, Sun, Feb 26 at the Chase Park Plaza. Learning stations at 5:00 pm at no cost, featuring special programming from each of the Kollel’s major divisions, followed by dinner catered by Jon Rubin. For more information, call 314 726-6047 or emailoffice@stlkollel.com.

Yeshivat Kadimah High School is hosting its 4th Annual Gala on Motzei Shabbos, March 4 at Vue 17. Please join us for a Pre-Purim feast as we celebrate all of our achievements. To make reservations, visit yeshivatkadimah.org. For questions, emailgala@yeshivatkadimah.org or call 314-942-3166.

Video presentation for women-Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi “Finding Happiness in Adar”: Monday, March 6 at 8:00 pm at the home of Shev Green, 700 Brittany Ln. Sponsored by the Markowitz Family in memory of Dr. Marla Mondschein. Donation $5.

JSU Gala March 19 at the Clayton Plaza Hotel. Honorees include Mrs. Gloria Feldman, cherished member of U.City Shul. To RSVP or for more info contact Rabbi Rovinsky 314.696.0578 or go to www.jsustl.org.


Pearl Lerman Cohen....Saturday, 2/18/2017....Shevat 22, 5777
Emily Grafman.............Saturday, 2/18/2017....Shevat 22, 5777
Charlotte Lerner..........Saturday, 2/18/2017....Shevat 22, 5777
Mayer ben Gavriel Levine.Saturday, 2/18/2017.Shevat 22, 5777
Reb. Bashe Wizansky..Sunday, 2/19/2017.......Shevat 23, 5777
Marcia Sue Cohen.......Tuesday, 2/21/2017.....Shevat 25, 5777
Irv Bernstein................Wednesday, 2/22/2017.Shevat 26, 5777
Sylvia Rabinowitz........Wednesday, 2/22/2017.Shevat 26, 5777
Charles Sanford..........Wednesday, 2/22/2017..Shevat 26, 5777
Rebecca Smith...........Wednesday, 2/22/2017..Shevat 26, 5777
Rivka Feldman............Thursday, 2/23/2017.....Shevat 27, 5777
Sam Katofsky.............Thursday, 2/23/2017.....Shevat 27, 5777
Janet Carolyn Amitin..Friday, 2/24/2017.........Shevat 28, 5777
Isador Freistater.........Friday, 2/24/2017.........Shevat 28, 5777
Marcus Stanley...........Friday, 2/24/2017..........Shevat 28, 5777

CLASSES AT U.CITY SHUL▪ Wednesday night men’s Bais Medrash program following Maariv: Learning with Rabbi Dan Morris on Nesivos Shalom/The Ways of Inner Peace and Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Prophets.
▪ Tefila class given by Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Tuesdayevenings meets at the home of Genevieve Kramer, 7732 Gannon.
▪ The laws of making Brochos given by Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald - weekly class on Sunday nights, to men and women at Todd and Sarah Rush’s home.
▪ Chumash class for men taught by Rabbi Herber Sundayevenings one hour before mincha.
▪ Rabbi Herber teaches a Gemorra shiur for men Thursday evenings one hour before mincha.
▪ Path of the Just class with Rabbi Goldson, 45 minutes before mincha.

Shabbos morning groups for children up to age 8 starting at 10:15 a.m.


Parshas Yisro
Friday, February 17, 21 Shvat
Shacharis 7:00 am
Daily Mishnayos 5:15 pm
Mincha 5:20 pm
Candlelighting 5:23 pm
Sunset 5:41 pm
Repeat Kriyas Shema after 6:26 pm

Shabbos, February 18, 22 Shvat
Class 8:30 am
Shacharis 8:50 am
Say Shema Yisrael:

According to Magen Avraham by 8:52 am
According to the Gra 9:31 am
Learner’s Service 10:00 am
Mesilas Yesharim 4:25 pm
Mincha followed by family Shalosh Seudos 5:10 pm
Ma’ariv and Havdalah 6:27 pm

Sun-Thur, February 19-23, 23-27 Shvat
Shacharis (Sunday) 8:30 am
Shacharis (Mon-Thurs) 7:00 am
Daily Mishnayos 5:20 pm
Mincha/Ma’ariv 5:25 pm

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