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Davening Times: Sunday-Thursday, October 19-23 25-29 Tishrei 

Shacharis (Sunday) 8:30 am 
Shacharis (Mon-Thurs) 7:00 am 
Mincha/Ma’ariv 5:55 pm


At U.City Shul

Upcoming! On Shemini Atzeres, October 16, we will have the annual Kiddush in the sukkah and hold the auction for Simchas Torah honors. Special Deluxe Kiddush catering by Jon Rubin. Come join this fun event, which is a source for much needed funds for the Shul and an opportunity to give tzedakah at this auspicious time of the year.

All women in the community are invited to a Simchas Bais Hashoeiva just for ladies! Sunday evening, Oct. 12 here at the Shul beginning at 8:15pm. Soup and salad bar. Special guest speaker Rabbi Yitz Staum speaking on “The Four Species: Which One Am I?” Also featuring a performance by the St. Louis Boys Choir. Sponsorship opportunities available – contact Zelda Tendler for information.

Family Simchas Bais Hashoeiva (Sukkos party) on Monday, Oct 13 at the Tendler home, 7901 Balson, beginning at 8:00pm.

Catered luncheon on Simchas Torah here at U.City Shul. Reservations and pre-payment are necessary. The cost is $18/adults, $12/kids 3-10. Catered by Jon Rubin. Call or email the Shul office to reserve.



Mazel tov to Mrs. Betty Dorb on the engagement of her granddaughter Shayna Brummel to Boruch Noam Dubrow.

The Shabbos Project is coming to St. Louis! October 24/25, Parshas Noach – encouraging Jews to come together and celebrate what unifies us all: Shabbos.There will be a cateredFriday night dinner here at the Shul. Further info will be forthcoming.

Women’s Sunday morning Tehillim group meets at the home of Jan Adelman, 8032 Amherst. Jan’s phone # to call in for Tehillim to recite is 314.863.5438. The Tehillim hotline for names and updates is 995-7119.

Kashrus Advisories from the Vaad: 
1. Not all Jolly Rancher products are kosher. Jolly Rancher Bites – filled gummies are not kosher and do not bear the OU. Consumers must always check for the presence of the OU kosher symbol. 
2. Pop Crazy 3 Piece Seasoning Pack contains both dairy and pareve seasonings and were mistakenly labeled with a plain OU Symbol. The Buffalo Seasoning and Ranch Seasoning are OU-D and contain dairy. The Caramel Seasoning is certified as OU pareve.


Upcoming Yahrzeits

The following yahrzeits will be observed next week. 
Esther Bailin.........Thursday, 10/9/2014.........Tishrei 15, 5775 
Sally Rubin...........Saturday, 10/11/2014........Tishrei 17, 5775 
Nettie Morris.........Sunday, 10/12/2014..........Tishrei 18, 5775 
Yetta Book.............Monday, 10/13/2014.........Tishrei 19, 5775 
Dora Amitin..........Tuesday, 10/14/2014........Tishrei 20, 5775 
Issaic Covitz ..........Tuesday, 10/14/2014........Tishrei 20, 5775 
Meyer Fishman.....Tuesday, 10/14/2014.........Tishrei 20, 5775 
Clara Darrish........Wednesday, 10/15/2014.....Tishrei 21, 5775 
Ruth Portnoy.........Wednesday, 10/15/2014.....Tishrei 21, 5775



Erev Sukkos Wednesday, Oct 8, 14 Tishrei 
Shacharis 7:00 am 
Reminder to Make Eruv Tavshilin 
Candlelighting 6:15 pm 
Mincha 6:15 pm 
Sunset 6:33 pm 
Ma’ariv 6:33 pm 
Kiddush and repeat Krias Shema after 7:18 pm

1st Day Sukkos Thursday, Oct 9, 15 Tishrei 
Shacharis 8:30 am 
Mincha followed Mishnayos Sukkah Class 6:10 pm 
Ma’ariv 7:16 pm 
Candlelighting not earlier than 7:16 pm

2nd Day Sukkos Friday, Oct 10, 16 Tishrei 
Shacharis 8:30 am 
Candlelighting - No later than 6:12 pm 
Mincha followed by Maariv 6:10 pm 
Sunset 6:30 pm 
Repeat Shema after 7:15 pm

Shabbos Chol HaMoed Shabbos, October 11, 17 Tishrei 
Shacharis 8:30 am 
Pirkei Avos 5:20 pm 
Mincha followed by family Shalosh Seudos 6:00 pm 
Ma’ariv and Havdallah after 7:13 pm

Chol Hamoed Sunday-Tuesday, Oct. 12-14, 18-20 Tishrei 
Shacharis (Sunday8:30 am 
Shacharis (Mon-Tues) 7:00 am/8:30 am 
Mincha/Ma’ariv 6:05 pm

Hoshanah Rabbah Wed, Oct. 15, 21 Tishrei 
Shacharis 7:00 am 
Reminder to Make Eruv Tavshilin 
Mincha 6:00 pm 
Candlelighting 6:04 pm 
Ma’ariv 6:30 pm 
Kiddush and repeat Krias Shema after 7:07 pm

Shemini Atzeres Thurs, October 16, 22 Tishrei 
Shacharis 8:30 am 
Yizkor (Approx) 10:20 am 
Special kiddush following davening with Auction for Simchas Torah honors 
Mincha followed by Mishnayos Sukkah 6:00 pm 
Ma’ariv and Hakafos 7:06 pm 
Candlelighting Not Before 7:06 pm

Simchas Torah Friday, October 17, 23 Tishrei 
Shacharis followed by Hakafos & Kiddush 8:30 am 
Shul Luncheon - reservations necessary 
Candlelighting - No later than 6:02 pm 
Sunset 6:20 pm 
Mincha followed by Maariv 6:00 pm 
Repeat Shema after 7:05 pm

ShabbosOctober 18, 24 Tishrei 
Parshas Beraishis 
Class 8:30 am 
Shacharis 8:50 am 
Say Shema Yisrael 
According to Magen Avraham by 9:20 am 
According to the G’ra by 9:59 am 
Pirkei Avos 5:10 pm 
Mincha followed by family Shalosh Seudos 5:50 pm 
Ma’ariv and Havdallah after 7:03 pm

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