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Friday, April 22, 2016

Mincha: 7:25 pm
Candlelighting (say Shehechiyanu): by 7:27 pm

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Mazel tov to Alan & Dena Sigman on the birth of triplets! A mealtrain.com has been set up to help the Sigmans with dinners after Pesach. Go to https://mealtrain.com/y6yg8e or contact Devorah Simon devorah@madsciencestl.com.

Teen Shabbos minyan, Kids Shabbos Zone, and Sunday shiur will resume after Pesach


Donations are still being accepted for Maos Chitim, the annual campaign organized by the Va’ad Hoeir which provides assistance at Pesach time to needy families within our community. Donations can be made online atwww.stlmaoschitim.com. Checks can be made payable to Maos Chitim and sent to the Vaad Hoeir of St. Louis, 4 Millstone Campus, St. Louis, MO 63146.

Burn your chametz on the Torah Prep Girls’ School parking lot on Friday, April 22 from 10:15-11:30 a.m.

Special trash arrangement: U.City has made available the blue roll off dumpster at the recycling drop-off center on Pennsylvania Ave, fromThursday, April 14 until Thursday, April 28

Women’s Tehillim Group will be on hiatus the next 2 weeks for Pesach and will resume at Jan Adelman's home on Sunday, May 8.

Kashrus Advisories from the Vaad Hoeir:
1. Pesach Alert: Some containers of Streit's Quinoa and some containers of LaBonne quinoa that are labeled OU-p were found to contain infestation. Any possibly affected product may be returned to the stores for a refund.

2.Hannaford Spinach Quiche; Chicken Pot Pie; and Quiche Lorraine may bear an unauthorized OU symbol. The Orthodox Union does not certify these products.
3. Biolife Amish Brinza Cheese may be labeled with an unauthorized OU-d symbol. The OU does not certify this product. If you see this product in the marketplace with an OU symbol, please contact kosherq@ou.org


The following yahrzeits will be observed over Pesach:

Shmuel Lamm........Tuesday, 4/26/2016........Nissan 18, 5776
Bluma Raskas........Tuesday, 4/26/2016........Nissan 18, 5776
Sauci Richman........Thursday, 4/28/2016........Nissan 20, 5776
Louis M. Cohen........Friday, 4/29/2016........Nissan 21, 5776
Morris Enger........Saturday, 4/30/2016........Nissan 22, 5776


▪ Wednesday night men’s Bais Medrash program following Maariv: Learning with Rabbi Yaakov Pentelnik on Chumash, Rabbi Dan Morris on Nesivos Shalom/The Ways of Inner Peace, Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Prophets, and Rabbi Menachem Tendler, for teens.

▪ Tefila class given by Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Tuesday evenings meets at the home of Genevieve Kramer, 7732 Gannon.

▪ The laws of making Brochos given by Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald - weekly class on Sunday nights, to men and women at Todd and Sarah Rush’s home.

▪ Chumash class for men taught by Rabbi Herber Sunday evenings one hour before mincha.

▪ Rabbi Herber teaches a Gemorra shiur for men Thursday evenings one hour before mincha.

▪ Mesillas Yesharim, The Path of the Just, with Rabbi Yonason Goldson on Shabbos afternoons, 45 minutes before mincha..

Shabbos morning groups for children up to age 8 starting at 10:15 a.m.

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